Terms and Conditions

Tour Operations

Brew Tours require a minimum of 8 craft enthusiasts to run our public tours. In the rare event the minimum number is not met, Brew Tours will contact you at least 24-48 hours prior to the tour date to discuss alternative options. Brew Tours can offer rescheduling an alternative date at no additional charge or offer a full refund if an alternative date cannot be worked out.


Once you have purchased your ticket(s) for one of our public tours, the following refunding policy applies to all requests for cancellations, refunds and reschedules. There are no exceptions to our cancellation policies, so please read and go over it carefully.

Refund and Reschedule Requests

- Ticket purchase date to 7 days before tour date – 20% held for processing fee
- 6 days to 72 hours before tour date – 50% held for processing fee
- 72 hours or less before tour date – no refunds or rescheduling

Ticket transfers

As much as you plan for life, it sometimes throws you a curve ball and we understand this. For this reason Brew Tours will allow you to transfer your ticket to another person or group of individuals. However, in doing this you are required to contact Brew Tours(info@brewtours.ca) and inform us of the transfer, and whom the transfer is to. In the event you are unable to transfer your ticket(s) our cancellation policy applies.

Lateness Policy

If the tour has already left the brewery you are still welcome to join for the second stop however transportation there will be at your expense.

Brew Tours does not provide refunds, partial credits, expense reimbursements related to additional travel costs, or provide the opportunity to reschedule your booking due to lateness and/or a missed tour due to lateness.  It is your responsibility to arrive on time at the correct meeting point, for this reason please plan accordingly. If you have any questions contact us anytime (info@brewtours.ca).

Tour Code of Conduct

Respect – Your tour leader, van/bus driver and vehicle, brewery staff, fellow enthusiasts and any other people that the tour comes in contact with.
Indulge – responsibly, there are a lot of beers to try.
Behave – in a respectful manner at all times.

Brew Tours – Have the right to refuse service at any point in time to anyone that disobey or violate the Tour Code of Conduct. This does include permanently ending a tour. The Tour Code of Conduct is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone participating on the tour.

 Visual components such as photos and videos: Brew Tours loves documenting tour experiences for further tours and other upcoming events we associate ourselves with. You understand when signing up for a public or private tour you grant Brew Tours the right to use any photos or video taken of you to be used for promotional material, social media outlets or commercial purposes. Brew Tours does take all necessary efforts to portray all individuals likeness in a positive respectfully manner. Finally, you also agree and understand that you grant Brew Tours a royalty-free license to use these images or videos of your likeness.